Juhi R  is a Soft Skills & Life Skills Trainer, Personality Development & Behavioural Skills Coach, with an excellent track record, having worked with individuals, groups teams from as varied professions and backgrounds as business, professional organizations, educational institutions.

Her experience and practical knowledge has helped her stay focused, on her subjects understand the requirements and conduct value based trainings very efficiently and effectively thereby facilitating participants to strive to bring out their best and face challenges in a practical and realistic way.

Her high Emotional Quotient, simple, down to earth approach, deliberate use of simple words, language and good public speaking skills enable her to convey positive solutions and outputs to seemingly difficult situation and challenges.

She draws her strength from her intuitive nature and perspective ability along with her educational background of Humanities, Human Psychology and Education as her specializing subjects that enable her to conduct her sessions with ease and confidence wherein she is able to judge, decipher and handle diverse situations and people.

Her trainees include Corporate and Management Executives, Professionals like CA’s, Doctors, Nurses, Editors, Postgraduates, M.B.A. Students, Foreign Students, College Professors, High, Middle and Primary School Teachers.

The vast areas where she has conducted training include Stress Management, Attitude Management, Goal Setting, Body Language, Effective Communication Skills , Business Communication Skills, Leadership, Time Management, Business Etiquette , Interpersonal Skills & Mentoring the Mentor.

Juhi’s innate belief in Integrity, Ethics, Values and Principles in life enable her to provide positive solutions that invariably go a long way in improving an individual’s approach to handling situations and quality of life.

Her excellent command over the language, high general knowledge and fluency in five languages along with good analytical and conceptual skills enable her to conduct effective, empowering and enlightening sessions that leave a deep impact on trainees thereby pushing them to draw out their strengths from within.

Her optimistic and positive outlook and great passion for her work push her to train with dedication and discipline. She drives inspires and impacts trainees to bring out their innate and dormant qualities and also polish and hone their skills and abilities.

Profile of R C Bathija the Mentor

He  has been very successful and effective Faculty in various subjects now known as Life Skills / Soft Skills. But way back in 1972 these Skills were called as Individual Development Programmes / Trainings. He was the President of Calcutta Chapter {which is Mother Chapter of Indian Jaycees} ofJaycees International in the year 1972 at Calcutta now renamed as Kolkata.Therefore many programmes were organised during that period and there after very often.

He has vast knowledge and experience as Trainer for a very long time at Calcutta on all subjects like Effective Public Speaking , Communications ,Parliamentary Procedures , Goal Setting , Body Language ,Project Planning , Conducting of all sorts of Meetings . and many more. His experience is of more than thirty years and his experience as most useful all types of situations / needs for the Trainees.

Juhi R had been associated with him for these subjects as assistant Faculty etc due to her deep passion for these subjects during and after her College days at Calcutta [now know as Kolkata ]
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