According to recent surveys soft skills are far more important than technical skills to reach the top of career ladder. Infact, 96 % of survey respondents judged communication skills and interpersonal skills ( i.e. soft skills ) as the most important contributor to achieving career success.

A growing number of organizations are now convinced that people ability’s to understand and manage their emotions are important contributors to their success. For years, the widespread belief has been that technical knowledge and technical certification contributes most to improve their performance, their collaboration which colleagues and their interaction with customers. After decades of businesses seeing “ hard stuff ”, and “ Soft stuff ” as separate domains,  emotional competence may now be a way to close that breach and to produce a unified view of work place performance.

Too many corporate managers are well trained in “ hard quantifiable, technical skills, but very poorly trained in “ Soft “ skills, such as empathy, communication, validation, conflict management, and community building.

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